Cranes & Hiabs

Agtrans Ltd operates a fleet of cranes based in South Taranaki. All our equipment is certified & all our operators hold the relevant Qualifications for the crane they are operating or the task they are performing. Agtrans Ltd also has qualified riggers available should they be required. With a range of certified mancage’s, spreader bars & associated lifting equipment, Agtrans Ltd can perform your lift safely & efficiently. Agtrans Ltd staff maintain site inductions for all the major sites in South Taranaki, in addition most hold common permit to work qualifications.

Lift Charts & Certificates

Lifting concrete blocks

Palfinger 53002

Front mounted on a Mercedes 8 by 4 tractor unit. Will lift 2 tonne at 19 metres. With flyjib attached can reach 27 metres.

Tractor unit tow’s a 13.2m semi-trailer.


Liebherr LTM 1050

6 wheel drive, 6 wheel steer all terrain crane. Capable of lifting 27 tonne at 6 metres, 4.5 tonne at 20 metres, 1 tonne at 42 metres. With Flyjib attached hook height of 58 metres.


Palfinger 40002

Hino 8×4 Truck with rear mounted crane, will lift 8 ton @ 4.5m with a maximum boom length of 19m.


Tows a quad flat top trailer



Palfinger 17.001

Mercedes 8×4 truck with rear mounted crane, can lift 3.5ton @ 4m with a maximum boom length of 14.4m.

This unit is equipped with trailer gear & also can have an Auger attachment with 300mm, 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm augers available. Hole depth up to 3.5m


Palfinger 33002

Rear mounted Palfinger crane on a 8×4 Mercedes truck, equipped with winch & 16.4m of boom. Will lift 6 ton & has a payload of 10ton. Truck is equipped with trailer gear.


Liebherr ltm 1055-3.1

6 wheel steer all terrain crane carrying 12ton of removable counterweight, can lift 15ton @10m, 2 ton @32m. Can also lift 600kg @48m by utilising the swing away flyjib.

Tracked Crane

Purpose built by Agtrans Ltd to provide an all terrain capable knuckle-boom crane. Tracked crane utilises a Palfinger 40002 crane. Can pick and carry 3 tonne without out riggers.


Terex AC 80

Equipped with a 50m power boom and 16m flyjib

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